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We figure among the most renowned and sought after groups in Mauritius for a reason. Turning a corner shop into the group that we are today has definitely taught us how to survive among the growing number of sharks in the business. We’ve come a long way and we are here to stay. Beginning in the early 90s as a cornershop, we managed to very swiftly escalate the ranks with the combined efforts and help of a team of over 400 loyal and dedicated staff members. All the hard work has allowed us to evolve into a multi-disciplinary business dealing in supermarkets, distribution. Today, we are not only a name to shop at, but also to invest with. We welcome business owners, renowned service providers, stakeholders in distribution and real estate actors to do business with us.

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About Us

Lolo Group

Our Business Clusters

Quality! It’s the word that defines us best. Be it family time, leisure activities, get-aways, gastronomy, shopping, business affairs or housing and accommodation, we aim at offering it all in world-class quality.

Yes, from the latest hi-tech device in the market to the simple homemade jams and pickles, we regroup it all under one ledger and make sure the best is brought to clients and partners.

If you think your business can strive while offering our group quality service, it calls for a partnership.



Lolo Group counts two Shopping malls under its ledger and offers retail hypermarket services at its two outlets situated in the centre and the north of the island. Our goal and vision has always been to empower each and every citizen of the country to shop under big surfaces as well as to procure their daily basic needs from us, and it remains.


Real Estate

We believe that we can be a great platform for businesses to invest in given our growing popularity and thriving business. As such, we invite suitable investors and business owners to consider our office and commercial spaces for rent and purchase as well.

Distributive Trade

Distributive Trade

Being customer-focused, we could not ignore the importance of us tapping into the distributive trade. This has allowed us to become a trusted partner for businesses and consumers alike. Lolo Group responsibly sources products from international partners in Africa, Europe, and Asia, thus ensuring competitiveness in its operational area and promoting variegatedness and sustainability.

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