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Lolo Group

Our journey

Lolo Group took its baby steps in the FMCG sector in the early 90s, becoming a reference in one-stop shopping in the North of Mauritius and very swiftly escalated the ranks to figure among the favourite shopping destinations for people of all walks of life islandwide.

Today, the group has evolved into a multi-disciplinary business dealing in supermarkets, distribution, and real estate. These milestones achieved over the last three decades are the fruits of the combined efforts of a team of over 400 loyal and dedicated staff members who have grown together with the Group since its advent.

Real Estate

Who would not want to have an office space or residence at the core of all the coveted facilities.

Distributive Trade

We bring to people the best Mauritian fashion stores, the trendiest hi-tech and electronics shops.


Visitors get to satisfy their cravings with an impressive selection of dining options that cater to every palate.

Performance of the company

Business Founded
Turnover as at 2021 (RS M)
Ranking in TOP 100 Companies

LOLO Group

Our History

Lolo Group is a success story and behind every success story, there is hard work, determination to keep going, passion for innovation and undeniably the support and helping hand of a whole bunch of people, a team, a family.
Here’s our inspiring story.

Hollywood Store

01. -
Hollywood Store
It all flows from a basic cornershop, the Hollywood Store that we opened in the small village of Morcellement Saint André. The first of its kind in the village, it was the dawn of innovative, convenience shopping for the inhabitants.+

Lolo Supermarket

02. -
Lolo Supermarket
Little did the inhabitants imagine that it would further turn into a supermarket. As it did, it became the ‘to-be-at’ grocery hub of not only locals but people from other villages too.+

Lolo Hyper

03. -
Lolo Hyper
“Why stop here?”, we thought and acquired a larger plot of land to upgrade to a hypermarket. We were now a place to shop brands, access services and to dine out. Owing to this development, Morcellement Saint André became famous and is mostly referred to as the village where ‘Lolo’ is located.+

Valentina Mall

04. -
Valentina Mall
In 2019, we took a big leap by bringing Le Valentina Mall to the population at the heart of the Paradise Island. This propelled Lolo Group in the league of the best shopping malls in Mauritius.+

Morcellement Saint André Mall

05. -
Morcellement Saint André Mall
We aren’t stopping here. Lolo Group has always and will keep on innovating and upgrading its services to satisfy the Mauritian customer base at large. Our next project: St André Mall. Stay tuned !+

Our team

We are proud to have built a team that is no less than a family. Through thick and thin this team has stood strong and remained loyal all while expanding over the years. Today we count over 400 family members from diverse communities and age groups who have built a prosperous career with us and we invite other enthusiasts to be part of this family and embark on a fruitful career journey. What we are today is truly the result of the dedicated efforts and contributions of this wonderful team.





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